Someone recently told me
I need to work smarter. No elaboration just a matter of fact statement.  

Please, Judger of Work Intelligence, show me
the way. Don’t make my life a fable: 

girl who learned she worked wrong

There was a girl
wandering the world working stupid.

Working stupid over here.

Working stupid over

 Everybody could see her working stupid. Then,
one day, the Judger of Work Intelligence pointed it out to her. He told her “You
need to work smarter. I know you are trying really hard and not getting the
results you want. I know that. We all know that. It’s hard to watch.

There is a way to achieve
the goals you desire but I’m here to tell you, what you are doing, that’s not

With that, the Judger of
Work Intelligence disappeared

Then she knew, she didn’t
know how to work smart.

The end


Don’t just tell me
something like that, put your top hot back on and light a cigar in the
moonlight. .

Offer a solution

I need one.

They have to be better
than the ones I’ve been coming up with

-go back to school

-move to Mexico

-nap more


In other words, quit.

Believe me I’m ready to
throw in the towel. I have the towel in my hand, I’ve already dramatically
raised it above my head and now I just need to throw it, hopefully in the face
of someone who really hates getting towels thrown in their face. 

Truth is, he is right. I
do need to work smarter. And he gave me some great advice. He said “make a list
of the ten people who can help you, and figure out how to meet them.” Which
made me realize, I don’t know who can help me. Not only that, I don’t even know
how to figure it out. I know how to write humorous flash fiction type of
things, I know how to get booked on a show, and I know how to serve drinks but,
meet important and powerful people? No clue.

Plus I barely have time
to visit the bartender I have a crush on.

The thing is, I’m an
Irish Catholic from Boston, we work hard not smart.  Why? Priorities. I crave good friends and fun
times far more than turning my art into a business. I don’t do a lot of self
promotion with industry people. Why? It’s not fun. I’d rather spend my time
writing funny quips that people will laugh at. Or short videos where I get to
collaborate with people I like. Then I want to go have a few drinks.

So yeah, for the record,
I know I need to work smarter.

But I don’t want to.

So there.


On that note, if you or
someone you know can help me….


Por favor


Thanks for listening!

Stay flirty!



Kendra is a stand up
comic living in Brooklyn where she owns a super comfortable bed. She spends
most of her time wondering where the hell her sugar daddy is and hoping he
didn’t settle.



twitter @kendracomedy 

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