Enthusiastic Coddler Wanted

The Pool Boy at the Borgata loved his job. Everyday he said hello and smiled. He brought us water in the hot tub with out us asking. There’s nothing like being surprised by a stranger’s commitment to making your life better. I hadn’t thought of an ice-cold cup of water while I sat in the Jacuzzi, but you know who did? Carlos. A man who did not know my name or have any idea what my emotional state was. He saw me and said “that girl, what can I do to make her life better?” and he thought of something. A simple something. But something all the same. A glass of water.

Thank you, Carlos.


The next day Carlos approached my chaise lounge, “Would you like a towel for behind your neck?”

“Ya know, come to think of it, I would!  Thank you Carlos”

He smiled and turned to go back to his How to Make Kendra Happier think tank.


The next day he brought me water, he gave me the neck towel and an extra towel for under my knees. I asked him if he had a tiara I could wear. He didn’t get it.


I accidently wrote that last line as “he didn’t get tit” which is also a true fact.


Anyway, Carlos not having a sense of humor wasn’t a problem m for me. I was the funny one in our relationship.  I don’t think he knew that, but I did. That day was the hottest day. Around noon Carlos asked, if I wanted an umbrella. I said “Sure”

10 minutes later I saw Carlos carrying a big cement base, sumo style, across the sun bathing area. He was sweating and periodically stopping, putting down the cement block and looking to see how much longer he had to go. I got up and walked towards him, I said, “I didn’t realize the umbrella was such a big process, I don’t really need an umbrella”. It only took a few seconds before I realized I had emasculated Carlos. His smile was different and his accent was stronger “Please go back to your chair, close your eyes, and enjoy the sounds of the birds”

I hate listening to birds. But I wasn’t gonna tell Carlos.

I went back to my chair, I checked to make sure all my belongings were still there. Nobody had robbed me. I tried not to watch Carlos.  He finally got the cement block to me. His official Borgata uniform was sweat stained. He went to get the rest of the umbrella; he carried the base across his shoulders while dragging the umbrella behind him. The joy of making me happy was gone. I couldn’t even remember what the Carlos Dedicated to Kendra’s Happiness  looked like anymore. He struggled with the umbrella. I kept my eyes shut, unnaturally. Finally he was done. I tipped him. I said thank you.  Carlos was different towards me. I still had feelings for him. Not because of his skin tone, or his muscular and energetic physique, but because he spoiled me. And it made me feel good.

Except when I saw it became difficult for him.

I prefer to be coddled with enthusiasm.

I think I found my relationship style.

Is there a website for that?

Thanks for listening!



Kendra is a stand up comic living in Brooklyn where she owns a super comfortable bed. She spends most of her time wondering where the hell her sugar daddy is and hoping he didn’t settle.



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