The Inquisitive Acquaintance


People don’t realize how protective comics are of their comedy. Sometimes it takes a simple inquiry to make me feel taunted, especially when it’s an insincere exploration into the validity, success, or future of my comedic life.

“When’s your next show?” is the most common attitude provoking inquiry. You know why? It’s always the same people asking, sometimes twice in one night. Guess what? They NEVER come to a show. Not once. I want to say “Hey listen don’t use my comedy as a conversation filler. It’s important to me. I know it’s not important to you, but a measly conversation filler? That’s an affront. Comment on my shirt or my hair or my fluctuations in weight, or better yet, pretend like you didn’t see me. That’ll work for me.”

And it’s always right off the bat.

Goading me.

“Hey Kendra, over here, remember me? The Inquisitive Acquaintance? How’s the comedy going? You still doing that? Has anything HAPPENED with it? When are you performing next?”
That would be like me seeing somebody I know in passing and greeting them with
“Oh hey, are you still pursuing your wild card dream? When can I come watch you chase this lofty goal in public? Can you write down the details so it seems like I’m going to go and bear witness although I’ll most likely not show simply because I’m not truly interested in seeing other people go after what they want in life? And quite frankly, I only laugh if the person I’m banging is laughing. I don’t know funny.”

“Do you have one of those web site things? You do? What is it?”
What’s my website?

Take a guess.

MAYBE it’s my name. Have you ever tried that?
Do I really look like the type of comic who is gonna have a kitschy site?

Right bitches dot net

Kendra made a funny dot com

If these tits could talk dot edu

Actually I kind of like that one.

In closing,
Comedy is going well. Let’s leave it at that.
My next show: Eugene Mirman’s Pretty Good Friends show on Sunday November 4th at Union Hall, Brooklyn

My website is

It has a calendar section

I just got a haircut, talk about that if you’re scrambling

I was going for Bridget Bardot ………….

Stay silly

Thanks for listening!


Kendra is a stand up comic living in Brooklyn where she owns a super comfortable bed. She spends most of her time wondering where the hell her sugar daddy is and hoping he didn’t settle.

twitter @kendracomedy

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