Gami - The story behind the photo

The Aloha apparel has a photo of grandmother with a mystery man.

We found this photo after she passed away. It was no surprise as my grandmother was full of secret stories she would casually share out of nowhere. 

I looked up to my Grandmother like a cool older sister. I loved her independent woman vibe even when I was a little kid and I didn’t know what it meant. She was married and divorced three times. She was the only female manager in her department at Shawmut Bank in Boston for over 20 years. And she had style. After she retired she bought a white Cadillac and got a vanity plate that read Foxy Lady in cursive next to a bright red rose. One day she showed up with this license plate but she never told us anything about where she bought it, what sparked the desire to have it or if she had any hesitation when screwing it onto her car - these are the type of family secrets I wish I knew more about. 

We didn’t ask questions 

It’s just the way it was 

It’s a bold move. A senior citizen cruising around with  a cocky vanity plate. But that was her. 

 Catherine Cunningham. We called her Gami Kay.


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