Collection: BOY MEETS GIRL® x Kendra Collection

We are so excited you are here. This collaboration with BOY MEETS GIRL® is very special to me.
My first BOY MEETS GIRL® shirt had chicken wing stains and yellow armpits by the time I threw it out. I LOVED that shirt.  I thought it was the cutest image and the simple combination of black and white is right up my alley. Finally, my roommate, Monica, who was the one who introduced me to Stacy said “you know, it’s ok to buy a new one” It was like I had never thought of that, of course, I could get a new one. I bought two. One loose and one tight fitted. To this day people stop me and compliment me on my BOY MEETS GIRL® tees. And I am so excited to see you in this collaboration. Stacy has always inspired me. As a comedian and filmmaker, I am always trying to communicate my comedic ideas whether through words or visuals. To see Stacy create, communicate, and brand her ideas made me think “it is possible”.   _ Kendra